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West End Jazz Dance Classes

Designed to bring out the 'Broadway Star' in all of us! This class takes its influence from some of the biggest and best musicals of all time with slick and stylish choreography inspired by the legendary Bob fosse.

Classes begin with a fun warm up focussing on isolation techniques and exercises to improve efficiency when tuning. Routines will often be developed over the term so it is important that you try to attend on a regular basis, concentrating on a single routine allows participants to grow in confidence, improve movement retainment and work towards an end goal.

Stephen's unique choreographic style fuses traditional jazz steps with more current commercial dance moves, the class is a great way to let your hair down!

If you are a fan of jazz dance and enjoy the musicals such as Cats, Chicago, Hairspray and Wicked, then this is definitely the class for you!

Some previous experience preferred as this style of dance requires a slightly stronger technical background.