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Hip Hop / Street Dance Classes

Hip-hopCommercial DanceStreet Jazz and Funk are all words that fall under the umbrella term known as 'Street Dance'. Whatever you call it, our classes incorporate all of these styles and are uplifting, hard-hitting and loaded with attitude!

Stephens innovative and original choreography is bang on trend and takes its influence from all that is current in the commercial dance world today.

All classes begin with a thorough warm up incorporating exercises that improve flexibility, coordination and isolation technique. New routines will be taught on a weekly basis allowing the participant to experience a diverse range of styles and learn all of today's most popular, up to date moves. Popping, locking and waacking are among the influences found in Stephens dynamic and inspiring choreography, similar to those used in promotional pop videos and hip-hop inspired movies such as 'Step Up' and 'Street Dance'.

This fun and friendly class is a great way to keep fit and build confidence whilst learning new skills. Set to a fantastic soundtrack of current hip-hop songs, these classes are guaranteed to leave you feeling energised and uplifted.

Expect to hear tracks from a few of KDC's favourite artists during the course of the term ranging from Chris Brown and Usher to Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lady GaGa!!!